Home Equity Loan In Mississauga

  • Easy to obtain

    If you have enough equity you can easily get a home equity loan.

  • Possible tax deduction

    If you are using the funds for building or renovation, you may get a tax deduction on the loan.

  • Lumpsum cash

    You have quick access to a huge amount of money.

  • Fixed-rate interest

    You will be working with a team who will always be there to resolve any queries or take care of any issue as quickly as possible.

What is a home equity loan?

If you are the owner of a home, you should know about equity. When purchasing your first mortgage, you are securing it against your home. That means, you’re keeping your home as collateral and once you complete all the payments you will have complete ownership. It also means that as you pay back, you are getting a certain percentage of equity back and you can use this equity to get access to more funds.

This is where home equity comes to play. If you have earned back more than 80% of the equity of your home, then you can use this equity for another loan (home equity loan). You can always find out more about it by getting in touch with our mortgage brokers at Triple M Mortgages. Schedule an appointment today, we look forward to meeting you. 


Why do you need to apply for a home equity loan?

Well, it doesn’t only have to be for an emergency. The funds that you get from a home equity loan you can use for anything that you want. Maybe there’s a renovation project that you’ve meaning to start but never had the funds or you can save the money for your child’s education- the choice is up to you. You can also pay off your loans and debts with the home equity loan. You should also know that the loan amount also depends on the market value of your property and the value increases then you would have access to more funds. 

Why should you choose Triple M Mortgages?

When you work with Triple M Mortgages, the are somethings that you should always expect. These are:

High level of professionalism

Affordable interest rates

A friendly team who will always resolve your queries

Tailored plans

Quick approval times


And these are only some of the benefits. So, what are you still waiting for? If you are looking for home equity loans in Mississauga, contact your local mortgage broker at Triple M Mortgages.


HELOC and Home equity loan: they are not the same

This is a very common misconception but how equity loan and home equity line of credit are not the same. When to come loans, you will be getting a lump sum amount of money at one time, but with HELOC, you are getting access to a credit line which you can use at any time, it’s not a one-time transaction. Also, the loan comes with a fixed-rate and there’s a term by which you would have to repay it, but with HELOC the interest rates are variable (they can increase over time) and you can pay a minimum amount and then use the funds again.


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