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Save on your expenses with Mortgage Refinance

If you’re tired of paying off bad loans and hefty credit card bills with high-interest rates, then we have a solution for you. Mortgage refinance- it is the perfect policy to consolidate all your bad debts and dues as well as your primary mortgage in a single account and re-pay them by spending a small amount every month. If you want to find out more about this policy or want to apply, get in touch with our team at Triple M Mortgages. We offer our services to clients in Mississauga and the surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment today. We look forward to hearing from you.


What are the methods of refinancing your mortgage?

One of the easiest ways to secure a mortgage finance contract is to use your home equity as collateral against getting the loan. You would regain small percentages of your home equity as you pay off your primary mortgage and you can use the same equity to apply for a mortgage refinance loan.

What a mortgage refinance contract does is, it replaces your existing mortgage loan with a new one. That means you won’t be paying twice a month. Also, you can opt for a longer-term to re-pay the new loan so you pay a small amount every month.

When you refinance to borrow more than you owe on your existing loan, the lender gives you a check for the difference. This is called a cash-out refinance. Many customers often opt for this policy for a lower interest rate. You can find out more details about Mortgage Refinance by getting in touch with Triple M Mortgages in Mississauga.

Mortgage refinance can help in managing your finances

You read it right! Ironically most Canadians spend a large amount of their paycheck in paying their primary mortgage, credit card bills, bad loans, and much more. With a mortgage refinance contract they can club all those debts in one account and pay a single time monthly repayment at a low-interest rate. Not only this would help them save on their monthly expenses but also improve their credit score.


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Why? Because Triple M Mortgages has a large network of reputable money lenders who can help you with your loans and mortgage needs. We also provide our clients with tailored policies that meet all their requirements. We have a team of professional mortgage brokers who can resolve any queries you may have. Schedule an appointment today. You won’t regret it. We serve across the GTA.


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